Collezione ispirata al ballo di corte nel periodo Barocco, uno slancio creativo ed emozionale capace di scaldare gli animi. La passione più travolgente e sensuale, cuori intrecciati da una promessa [..]


L'eleganza sportiva di chi ama la praticità ma non rinuncia ad avere uno stile fashion. Tante piccole sfere lavorate in un contrasto di materiali che genera giochi di luce suggestivi ed ammalianti. P [..]


Impreziosita da quel tocco di glamour e brillantezza che è l’elemento distintivo di Brosway, la collezione di collane con cerchi di cristalli, è nata per incantare. Versatile e di tendenza, è cap [..]


These points of light provide a charming, delicate reflection of the beauty of the woman wearing them. These bright, colourful crystals ensure unmistakeable style. These earrings feature an essential, [..]


Steel, symbol of strength, with weaving of polished, opaque and bicoloured links. For the man who turns style into his own image.

PRIVATE - Love Edition

It has conquered and seduced the fashion world, becoming a symbol of eternal love. Once a punk accessory, the padlock has been revisited and turned into jewellery items that are distinctly luxurious i [..]


Precious embroideries with an oriental look. A collection inspired to the old jewels of Persia, royal and sensual.


Pendants in the shape of a cross in which the contrast between the materials and the colours creates a light that exalts their wearability. Urban taste, in the chain bracelet, with big links and a bic [..]


The strength of the stormy sea, the sense of adventure that you feel when watching the horizon and imagining distant worlds. These are the inspirations of a collection of bracelets designed for everyd [..]


Small and precious jewellery that illuminates the woman wearing it: A light that transcends fashions and trends, shines beyond the passage of time and becomes embedded as a glorious symbol of a taste [..]


It's the cold atmosphere of the North. Everything seems to stop. Preserved. It is the effect of ice that can preserve things in an extremely clean, distinct and vivid. These are the inspirations of Po [..]


The horn is the icon of this collection, a symbol par excellence of bestowing good luck, success and health. Precious materials and finishes as wonderful gifts of hope that the future will be reserved [..]