Steel, symbol of strength, with weaving of polished, opaque and bicoloured links. For the man who turns style into his own image.


A range of small charms, so you can create a unique piece of jewellery that best expresses your personality. An eclectic style and different look that will win you over at first glance.


Light, warmth and a good mood: the sun's gifts to us every day. It gladdens our days, releases energy and makes our best selves shine through. The Sun collection consists of concentric circles, white [..]


A collection inspired by a time when man, with tenacity and sacrifice, carved weapons and the tools needed for his survival from stone. The strength and solidity of steel acts as a metaphor for the fi [..]


Eleganza, femminilità e romanticismo. Leggeri fiocchi si alternano in un luminoso e armonico gioco di bronzo e zirconi che impreziosisce con delicatezza ogni look.


Bronze ribbons, softened by the brightness of white zircons, they meet plots by the rigid structure. The complete parure promises an elegance and refinement wearing.


Bracelets in a spiritual mood, made with tiger eye and black onyx beads - precious stones with beneficial properties. Everyday jewellery to wear as an amulet.


The light, inescapable flow of a butterfly, filling you to the brim with emotions. A romantic collection combining delicacy and harmony.


The charm of a man of strong character with the soul of an adventurer. An enigma to decipher.


Satin polished stainless steel and rubber with clean, simple lines: the essence of the District collection. Designed for lovers of urban chic, exuding a contemporary charm that draws attention to the [..]


A beginning in one note. A single sound starting off the purest, most sublime music. A style both pure and daring pervades this collection, for the man who likes to stand out with flair.


The strength to overcome the obstacles that life throws at us. The happiness in discovering unexpected horizons.