Minimalist design and informal square design combine with dark colours and materials for an audacious and masculine line. A collection of character gives voice to the values of a spirited and dynamic [..]


Pretty, graceful, delicate and refined; butterflies, undisputed symbol of freedom combine with the preciousness and elegance of crystals to bring to life a line of sophisticated style, alternating ful [..]


L'atmosfera romantica di un giardino rigoglioso, un omaggio alla luce e ai profumi della bella stagione. Delicati fiori appoggiati gli uni sopra gli altri, simboli indiscussi di femminilità, bellezza [..]


La collezione Frame si fa più piccola e preziosa. Cuori scolpiti da una luce infinita. Simboli sinceri d'amore perfetto che vibrano al pulsare di un cuore vero. Battito d'ali d'una farfalla per il gi [..]


Timeless emblem of spiritual introspection; a symbol of Faith to enhance a sacred bond. Small crystal balls with harmonic lines combine with pendants evocative of strong character and contemporary des [..]


Hope, love, luck. The heart represents all that is dearest to us. A casket where we jealously keep our desires, our passions, our feelings. A collection of steel 316L that makes the heart its main ico [..]


Elegance and sophistication. Inspired by the vintage atmosphere of the French salons, crystals and pearls give life to a collection that perfectly combines style and grace, charm and elegance. Reflect [..]


When a jewel is the declaration of an unbreakable bond. Two interlocking circles illuminated by the glow of crystals. A troubled, rebellious feeling, a precious encounter to be sealed with a promise o [..]


Assembling different elements to get something totally new, a femininity which is paradoxically emphasised in the contrast between steel and pearls. Vintage motifs reinterpreted in a current and moder [..]


Hearts carved by an infinite light. Sincere symbols of perfect love that vibrate to the beat of a real heart. The beating of a butterfly's wings for the most beautiful jewel. A stolen picture, a magic [..]


Spirit of adventure and lure of distant lands. A Mix & Match of geometries with ethnic lures and particular metalworking of steel 316L. Actual sculptures to wear on the wrist for the adventurous man w [..]


Strength and determination. Feelings and sense of belonging. A collection of stainless steel 316L wide link bracelets and necklaces sculpted with diamonds and inspired to the particular theme of union [..]