When a jewel is the declaration of an unbreakable bond. Two interlocking circles illuminated by the glow of crystals. A troubled, rebellious feeling, a precious encounter to be sealed with a promise o [..]


Braided leather and steel merge in warm-toned bracelets that bring to mind the wide expanses of the Australian outback. Ethnic style for the urban man with an adventurer's heart.


The Anchor and the Rose of the Winds, though very different in appearance, are united by the metaphorical significance that we give them. They represent stability and sense of direction, two qualities [..]


The strenght and tenacity of those who never give up and struggle to achieve their objectives. The courage of a man fighting against his own limits and fears. A line of striking design and timeless br [..]


The best-selling Brosway collection is enriched with new elements and each has an associated meaning. Simplicity, honesty, joy, life ... many desires, moods, character notes to be changed according to [..]


The glow of the moon and glitter of the stars join the heat of the sun and the fervor of the heart. Bright crystals, by rainbow shades, they fit together in steel pendants that give sparkle and charm.


Bronze ribbons, softened by the brightness of white zircons, they meet plots by the rigid structure. The complete parure promises an elegance and refinement wearing.


Modernity and refinement come together to create a collection that expresses a contemporary creativity. Simple lines, minimal and elegant at the same time traits, in a jewelry line created for the met [..]


The lucky clover joined in the heart, as the heart’s wellness is the fortune’s one. A necklace to be worn at any moment of the day.


An anchor to throw, after a long trip, to remain or by pulling on board to leave for far destinations. The symbol of the bond with the sea, metaphor of security and hope. A collection of modern and co [..]


A collection inspired by the court dance of the Baroque period, a creative leap able to warm the hearts. The enthusiastic and sensual passion, heart twisted in a sincere promise. A great love is forev [..]


The elegance of sports for a fashion style. Many small spheres work in contrast of materials generating impressive games of lights. To climb the peak of success.