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316L stainless steel with an engraving and Swarovski crystals.
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You're my best friend, my confidant, my counselor, my partner in crime. Together we have laughed and cried, fell out and made up, gone through tough but also wonderful times. I want to go on like this with you forever, sister!

316L stainless steel with an engraving and Swarovski crystals.

Additional information

Brosway's jewels and watches are born be worn every day and on every occasion.

Front incision:

Always my sister, forever my friend (Per sempre mia sorella, per sempre mia amica

Back incision:

La migliore sorella del mondo


Stainless steel


Swarovski© crystals

Bracelet Size:

Ø 70 mm



Product care

Normal everyday use and external agents such as air humidity, temperature, pollution levels, contact with cosmetics and skin perspiration can all contribute to reduce the shine of steel, silver and leather surfaces, and change the original appearance of the surface fnishes that characterizae some models.You can simply preserve the shine of your jewelry using a soft dry cloth or non-abrasive products specially designed and used to clean jewelry. Most of the products on the market for jewelry cleaning can be used without risks as long as they are applied properly, although you should be careful while using products that contain ammonia, alcohol, acids or chemicals that may be too aggressive. Discover more

Technical details

Stainless steel

Brosway uses hypoallergenic stainless steel for its jewels, also known as surgical steel, a hygienic material, resistant to stains, scratches and easy to clean. In particular, the chemical composition of stainless steel makes it a hypoallergenic product, resistant to the corrosive effect of sweat, dust and moisture.

Swarovski© crystals

Swarovski® elements are loose materials made of crystal with precision cutting and composed of quartz, sand and minerals. The splendor of these glass stones give exclusivity and glamor to anycreation, and their unique brilliance makes them immediately recognizable by imitations. Onlycertified Swarovski® Elements crystals are used in Brosway jewelry.


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